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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The five weirdest smartphones ever made

Now we’ve seen then newest iPhone X and the new Pixel 2 and it looks like we are all waiting to get our hands on both before we decide what the best smartphone of 2017 is. Until we are deciding what we can live with the notch or have without a stylus after using a Note 8, let us take the memory late together and look the weird smartphones that ever made from the past.

Nokia 7600
This sort of square type thing that was obviously created to make it impossible for anyone to tell what was inside your front pocket. The Nokia 7600 released in 2003 and back then this phone has a pretty good impact for teenagers. 

Bluetooth Phone
The Bluetooth phone can be ordered online at Amazon. This is very easy to use because when the package will arrive just open it and shove the device in your ear, and that’s it!

Nokia N-Gage
This phone is like your playing video games all the time and nobody cares about that, this phone has a unique design whoever is in charge of approving the design at Nokia must be incapable of saying the "NO" word, perhaps because of a wizard's curse.

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Motorola Flip out
You know what's superior to a phone that makes so difficult to figure out whether you have to shoot a selfie in picture or scene that you require a theory lesson to make sense of it all? Precisely the same, however with a flip out console. This Motorola Flip out from 2010 ought to have been the last square telephone made.

KFC Smartphone
The KFC smartphone is a deep red and is embossed with Colonel Sander’s face, along with the date when KFC set up shop in the PRC. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with a Colonel Sanders virtual assistant.

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