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Monday, August 4, 2014

Price and Specs of WIndows Phone 8.1

As consumer demand for Smartphones in the world market, more companies as well as 
Image From: Windows Phone Central
developers are producing many Smartphones to meet these demands. By this Windows finally seriously got interested in the mobile phone business as they discuss the latest of their Smartphone, the Windows Phone 8.1. Today there is great news about the Windows phone. This is mentioned that the Windows Pone may be on sale within this year it will be RS. 23,000 and RS 25,000 or approximately 377USD and 411USD. There are five Smartphones that has been released in India a week ago but they did not release it all. Micromax create their first mobile phone for Windows along with its feature of one facing or front camera with 5MP, and of course there is the back camera with 13MP, with a memory slow for MicroSD and up to 2GB RAM, there will be 16GB minimum for the internal storage.  The display is a Full HD with 5inch and a Processor up to 800 in Snapdragon Qualcomm.

Windows Phone 8.1 price leaked in stores, but generally in the sheet of specs it seems interesting in the first place. Other people said that it may not well be fall down because of the user’s expectations.  Consumers are assuming it to be economical price which users are actually from India.  People there are really expecting a low price when the unit arrives in the market. Rather offering a high end they more likely to see it in reasonable price to purchase. The Windows Phone 8.1

There are top Smartphones that’s been released but they don’t confirm it yet the sheet of its specs of even the price of these Smartphones. Report said the shipment of the Windows phone will be expected to expand up to 43 million this year. This year revenue has created 30% up from last year.

So we are expecting tons of Smartphones that will be released later on, hope price will be affordable as we expected.

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