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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Biggest smartphone with their complaints

2014 is nearly ended and today let’s have a throw back for most complained smartphones
that hits in the mobile market. 

The top of the list is the Samsung Galaxy S III with complaints of 50 percent. The majority of the complaints are issue about microphone that affects the person on the other line. The 15 percent is about the battery life of the handset, 15 percent said the handset is getting hot and 10 percent for the internet connection problems.

Next is the iPhone 4S. The battery is the big issue with 45 percent complaints, followed by 20 percent who couldn’t connect to WI-Fi. And about 15 percent complained about the Bluetooth connection and a 10 percent were being not excited by Siri.

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The moment the iPhone 4S fist showed a year ago, numerous people are reported about the battery drainage problems. This issue seems to have a large set with following iOS 5 updates.

Some consumers reported about the Wi-Fi problems along with the iPhone 4S on Apple’s forums, at the same time even though issues can be related to model settings. Related problems were documented with Bluetooth. 

Nokia Lumia 900 is on the third spot, encountered issues about shaded purple screen upon its launch. The 25 percent of complaints identified by FixYa by the glitches, however Nokia said it may be fixed by an update.  20 percent complained regarding the camera button is not waking up when opening the camera app in standby mode and the other 20 percent couldn’t find applications and 20 percent in battery life.

And lastly, the BlackBerry Curve. Many complaints about this particular device is the random reboots, at 40 percent. Software glitches come in at 20 percent, followed by some lost applications, also at 20 percent and the memory card problems in 10 percent.

At this point, majority of smartphone producers had taken their actions about these complaints. For some reason they want to build their reputations when it comes to best smartphones in the market.

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