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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jaw dropping world expensive iPhone

Let’s all admit that we love diamonds. But diamond in your iPhone? this is insane and the price is jaw dropping and eye popping as well.

Know Stuart Hughes? If not let me give you some short info. Stuart Hughes is known for creating pricey devices creating them all with excessively high with elegant jewels.

This is not the first time that Hughes create diamond that shine in iPhone, he also create and shine the Gold iPad 2 and MacBook Air and today he has developed an iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds, making it the world most high priced smartphone.

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Based to the designer, the customized iPhone 5 took him 9 weeks in order to build and the complete device has created by bare hands. The external casing of the handset is made up for 24 carat gold, while the home button is made of 26 carat black diamond. The Apple logo and the edges of the device are designed using the white diamonds. The smartphone is set with 600 treasured stones out of which 53 are located in the Apple logo at the back. This world’s most pricey smartphone was purchased by a Chinese businessman who owns the black diamond.

This exclusive luxury edition of iPhone 5 cost a jaw dropping $15.3 Million. There is simpler design of the device for those who want an iPhone 5 by Stuart Hughes and it is made of gold with a price tag of $33,800. (Still seems expensive for me).

Any thoughts for the world expensive iPhone, just imagine with that money you can have a house, a car and cool gadgets. 

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