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Friday, October 23, 2015

Oh no, Facebook can spy our clipboard!

Almost every single smartphone users has a Facebook app in their handsets, did you know
that Facebook is aware every time you copy a link even the application is close?

Facebook is not quite know for its privacy and their newest feature in mobile application take the bite. One of the features in Apple’s new OS for the iPhone monitors what users copy and paste. The Facebook messenger for iOS can take advantage of that feature as well, recommending that user share a website address they copy.

Even though this carried out under the help of the Facebook user remember a link that that copied is getting spied on your clipboard is a undesirable thought.  This feature was rolled out during Facebook newest mobile update last October 7, at this moment only iOS 9 run devices and some selected units.

According to the Facebook spokesperson Daniel Harrison in the Daily Beast. “This feature is currently testing with a small percentage of people who use Facebook for iPhone.”

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On Daily Beast’s, Kelly Weill has been amazed when Facebook proposed she post the link to a recipe for “30-minute quinoa chili”. Weill mentioned that she had copied the link in the clipboard for sharing it to her friends. What issues her most is that before the link, she copied a single use security password, which she mentioned might be viewed by someone at Facebook provided with their new spying capabilities.  Even so, Harrison doesn’t agree with her claims Facebook access to the copied wordings is neither new or issues.  Apple company OS for the iPhone allows to access the clipboard, where copied text is saved, Facebook new feature requires the technology a phase further, dragging copied text from the clipboard direct into your browser.

Graham Cluley a Cyber security blogger mentioned that Facebook maybe the latest app to spy on your clipboard yet it is not the first.

For those who are not aware, this is a serious matter, who knows sooner or later they might be invading the whole handset without knowing it.

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