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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Huawei displays their newest tech at Zain event

Leading global ICT solutions provider Huawei is featuring the number of future-oriented
cell phone technologies at the annual Zain Technology Conference 2015 that is happen in Bahrain. The event conference last in 3 days and brings together Zains global partner as part of its drive to develop a sustainable digital communication company offering consumers and businesses with a wealthy lifestyle experience.

With this year’s program describes the newest providers in the telecommunications and IT industry at the same time featuring opportunities of common interest among Zains several partners and service providers.

While historical partner of Zain, Huawei introduced under the concept of Light Up Your Digital World pass on over three committed areas such as a Connected Zone, Smart Zone and Agile Zone, the all areas where the business expects life in the Middle East may be altered over the coming years.

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Mohamad Sharara, president of Zain Key Account at Huawei stated, “In today’s world, the ICT industry is responsible for connecting businesses and societies around the globe whilst improving efficiencies, transforming industries and ultimately creating better experiences for everyone.

Zain’s own strategy of being a sustainable digital communications company has long focused on the customer experience and using technology to create more value for the customer. As a full-service ICT solutions provider, Huawei remains committed to supporting Zain in these ambitions through our end-to-end portfolio that is matched with Zain’s long-term business strategy.”

CEO of Zain Group, Scott Gegenheimer said: “Once again, we will be hosting ZTC 2015 in Bahrain after our first technology convention in the Kingdom last 2009. To continually  develop to be a lasting incorporated digital lifestyle  service provider, Zain greatly depend on major technology partners like Huawei in order to fulfill their goals. Progress in developments in our customer’s mobile experience depends on the company’s vision."
One of this year’s major conference’s features is the Huawei demo zones. The Connected Zone displays current advancements in 4.5 G and 5G mobile broadband services, which established huge link for providers and lead them to provide more potent multimedia services with less setbacks.

At the same time, the Agile Zone presents how companies and government can easily proceed to the future IT networks using options like SoftCom, Network Function Virtualization and Software defined networking.

In addition to this, Smart Zone of the company researches for the upcoming software’s for more smart devices, metering, payment and any other virtual reality apps that are beginning to be recognized all over the world.

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