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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Smartphone Nowadays 7x Worse than Cheap one

Smartphone nowadays are getting worse, from fast drain of batteries, touch display, signal
strength and more, Ofcom did an examined about these smartphones available in the market.

Ten year-old mobile phones and cheap modern phones are better at sniffing a signal than modern smartphones -Ofcom.

Ofcom is a communication regulator based in United Kingdom. Smartphones are examined by Ofcom needed a minimum signal is 10x better than required by not smartphone just to receive or make a call. About the average, smartphones required a signal at least 7x much better than normal non-smartphone with the 2G network,

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The terrible handset on 3G network must require a signal 9X better than the minimum level suggested by the GSMA.  And on the 4G network, the worst smartphone required 7X the suggested signal strength to send or receive data.

It’s probable that the components used in the handset and the placement of the antenna weaken the signal. Metal is a whole lot worse than plastic for degrading signal strength, and placing the antenna where people hold the device trigger signal reduce and cut-offs.

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