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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blackberry denies reports about complaints rise

Blackberry has refuse reports that it is to end production of BlackBerry Operating System 10 based smartphones.

The report rise from a memo delivered to managers in the US Senate giving them a warning that the Blackberry handset were to be discontinue. The decision apparently was started by a letter Blackberry delivered to Verizon and ATT informing them that the device could no longer be produced.

Even so, Blackberry denies that they never send such a letter.

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The Canadian smartphone did acknowledge that it had delivered a letter to the mobile network; however, it was preventing production of one specific smartphone, the Blackberry Classic.  

Additionally the company confirmed that still planning to release upgrades to its own Operating System next year. According to Blackberry, "device strategy is based on a cross-platform model where we'll continue to support our BlackBerry 10 platform while expanding our device offering to include Android-based devices. We are focused on software updates for BlackBerry 10, with version 10.3.3 scheduled for next month, and a second update to follow next year."

"We believe that being truly cross platform - which includes support for BB10, Android, iOS and Windows Phone - will allow us to best serve our customers across the world."
BlackBerry concluded.

US Senate sparked the speculations that they are planning to drop support for Blackberry smartphone for their employees.

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