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Monday, August 25, 2014

What are the new affordable - High End Smarphone from LG

Since the consumer demand for the affordable smartphone many business create their own product with a cheap smartphone and today LG is on the line.  LG is launching a new mid-range series of smartphone in which include a few features from is high end units.

These are known as the L series, L Bello and L Fino. These products are both 3G base and provide several of the identical style factors as LG G3.  For an instance both of these devices have the rear button found of the G3. It also include LG floating arc layout, which generally means the sides are quite slim, while the back of the units curves to enable udders to easily handle the device.

These products signal a change in focus at LG and display the firm is working on a better low end product to serve for those people who can’t afford to buy a high end smartphone. Both products are Android 4.2.2 Kitkat and have internet access at speed of 21Mbps through HSDPA.

What are the Specs of these Smartphones?

This LG L Bello has a quadcore 1.3Ghz processor and 5inch display with a resolution of 854x480px. The main camera of L Bello is 8 megapixels while front facing camera got 1 megapixel. It’s also have 1GB of RAM and 8GB Internal Storage.

The LG L Fino consists of 1.2GHz processor and have a 4.5inch display with 800x480 resolution. Furthermore it has a 8 megapixel rear facing camera, however the front on the device is VGA. For the memory it has a 1GB RAM and 4GB of its internal storage.

LG L Bello and L Fino will have its debut in some time this month in Latin America then in Europe and Asia. There is no formal ford on its pricing, even so both L Bello and L Fino are anticipated to cost much less then 200USD without contract.

With this affordable LG devices release the battle of cheap smartphones will definitely be tough.

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