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Friday, September 19, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery troubles: How to deal with it

Right after the launched of Samsung Galaxy S5 last February, reports came up about the the
latest phone's battery problems. Consumers have apparently give complaints that S5 has a low battery life.You may visit cellular country complaint.

Another issue is its tendency to overheat especially when used for a long period of time,  which gives problem to the phone's users. Compared to other phone that are dressed in metal, Galaxy S5's case is made up of plastic that is less capable of conducting heat.

Samsung will still give their comments regarding the increasing number of complaints.

Yahoo tech provided tips that may help users in dealing with Galaxy S5 battery problems with which many of the said tips are effective to other Android users.

One of the simple reminders to the user is to close all applications that have been running and applications that are not needed.

Another common tips to conserve your phone's battery, according to Android Central is to reduce the display brightness of your phone, switching off the phone's WIFI for the device will continuously search for available connections if it remains turned on, Bluetooth and GPS should also be turned off and disable vibrations for the phone's ringing. Turning on Airplane mode is also helpful as it turns off all available wireless connections.

The recently released Samsung Galaxy smartphones, such as S5 have been incorporated  with a Power saving mode that can be easily switch on to longer the device's battery life.

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