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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sayora Nokia, Awesome phones from its history

Nokia boom its name at late 90’s I remember their slogan: “Nokia, touching lives”, I have 2 Nokia cell phone back then, the 3210 and 8210 yes it’s classic phone today but I consider it the most thought cell phone in the history, I drop it a dozen of times and these cell phone never fails me.
Sad to say, Nokia will be gone for good. Microsoft Company started ushering with a brand new cellular phone era last week by pulling out the Nokia branding from its flagship products.
The company change the look of the telecommunications over the newest three decades with devices that develop featured now believed to be market standard.

Nokia might have introduced mobile phones to the public with the dependable 3310 and set the expectations in smartphone photography with the Lumia 1020, however the company has also launched some completely unusual devices over the years.

Let’s reminisce the old cell phone of Nokia that introduce to market and instantly boom the cell phone industry. For cell phone collector I’m pretty sure you kept some of these.
Let’s have a countdown:

Number 5

The Nokia 6110
-    Was the successor to the highly successful of the Nokia 2110 and was launched in 1997.  Upon the technical aspect, the 6110 was involving the first phones to use an ARM CPU below the hood. Even so,  the cell phone is possibly the most famous for having the game Snake which for a pretty long time had been considered to be one  of the best cell phone games back then.

Number 4

The Nokia 8110
The Nokia 8110 was introduced in 1998 and rapidly shot the fame mainly because it was used by Keanu Reeves in the movie The Matrix. This was the primary Nokia unit to feature a slider design, yet it also added new meaning to the famous Mae West quote is that a banana is your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Besides from its fruit like style factor, the Nokia 8110 was used back by the lack of speaker and the contact list that can only stored a 125 records.

Moving to Number 3

Nokia 1100
-    Nokia 1100 cell phone has apparently racked up to over 200 million sales since it introduced in 2003. Imagine 200 million sales! That is insane. This low end candy bar has put the 100 million of iPods, a 50 million of RAZR’s, a 10 million chocolates and 115 million of PlayStation 2 consoles to pity in terms of pure units shifted. A dust proof cell phone  allegedly joined the industry at exact the right time to capture the growing offshore as people worldwide started taking their own cell phone. The program, such as simple phone is not for everyone. However, the 200 million solid that owned one something throughout their life, I can say that Nokia found a success.

at Number 2

Nokia 8210
-    The Nokia’s smallest and lighted cell phone made. When Nokia released it at the Paris Fashion Show in 1999 it turned into the most desirable customer’s cell phone all over the world. (personally I have 4 of these of cell phone in different colors although you can customized the color on your own).

And finally the Number 1 of Nokia’s best.

Nokia 3310 The essentials of what can make a excellent cell phone have improved little by little over the years, with a leading specifications, a solid  design and an spontaneous user interface still the best of it. Although the Nokia 3310 is simple device by modern standard, it was created during the period when smartphones as all know them were the things of fictions. Back then, it checked all of those boxes and more.

Cell phones were not really as common at the turn of the century, however those who experienced one were normally two things: Nokia 33 owners and Snake 2 addicts.

For us who experience the best of Nokia cell phones we are lucky to have those, changing its name don’t mean we will forget the classic Nokia Cell phones.

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