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Monday, January 26, 2015

Galaxy S6 Specs, Price and Release Date

Samsung fanatic folks are always waiting for the new release of handsets, today the waiting
is almost over because the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is expecting the release.

Samsung revenue displays a downturn and the 3rd quarter of the economic year not really doing well for the company. For sure there will be a lot to expect from the newest launch of the handset which will be come up sooner than later. Samsung fanatic surely excited.

Numerous gizmo websites have different speculations for this new handset. But this one is for sure either a Qualcomm, Snapdragon 810 quad-core processor or Samsung own for its CPU the Exynos 7420. Screen display might be similar to Galaxy Note 4 along with its AMOLED display and around 5.5inches. When it comes to OS no doubt it will be the latest Android Lollipop.

The Specs and Features

Some specifications are sill unpredictable, this question maybe running into your mind: is it  a “plastic or a metal over?”. According to CNET, the handset possibly follows other versions like Galaxy A3 or the Galaxy A5 which is a customized metal in its design. One of the favorite part of smartphones is the Camera,  many assume might offer a much more defined front facing and a rear camera with a better resolution. Soon after the display at the CES 2015, it will be expected to have a QHD 1440x2560px resolution display.

Based to V3, this Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a curved display, metal slides and a rubber back plate or perhaps an aluminum frame. Based to the report of Business insider, Samsung will be released a second edition of the Galaxy S6 with a metal version. This model apparently will feature a curved display, comparable to Galaxy Note Edge.

How much will be the price tag? According to numerous sources, Galaxy S6 is approximately somewhere around 860USD.

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