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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why you need to buy a new smartphone this 2015?

For those who are still using old aged phone, it’s about time for you to change to smartphone this 2015. There are many big names of phone manufacturers producing High to low end phones, meaning you have a lot of choices to get a new phone depend what suits you and of course your budget is the main concern.

Here are some advantages for getting a new smartphone:


People especially for our grandparents having a bigger screen for their phone is better, Imagine your grandpa or grandma struggle texting using their old aged phone because of its tiny screen, now big screen smartphone made easy for them to do multiple task to their handset.  

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If you have poor eyesight it’s easy to adjust the size of the font in smartphone, unlike to retro phones you cannot change the default size of the font. 


Compare your old aged phone to smartphone, how advantage this handset is. Maybe you will ask, “so what?” well maybe you experience to misplace your phone inside your house, how many minutes or hours till you found it? In smartphone you can actually put the message or ring volume into the highest as possible, why do you need to do that?  Obviously, if you are somewhere in your house and you place your phone somewhere, it is very easy for you to find it because just one ring and walla! You will found it!


Quick send and receive emails, update your social media, watch online, listen to your selected songs and everyone favorite the camera which you can do a your photograph and selfies all day, you can only use this features in smartphones.

Just a friendly advice, if you think you are too much struggling to text using your retro phone, get a new smartphone! This is the new age of mobile phones!

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