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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The negative side of smartphones

Most of the teens today, from the moment they have their smartphone it like a metal that
magnet into their hands, you never put it down whatever you do even if its charging, this happen most of the teenagers.

Experts at the College of Basel discovered that teen’s digital media use throughout the night is connected with an higher threat of sleep difficulties and depressive signs. Teenagers have smartphones are spending a lot more time online, particularly during the night.

After the release of smartphones way back, the majority of the teenagers nowadays own smartphones. Because of its cheap flat rates and wireless internet connectivity, teens have smartphones use more time online and having some chitchat with family and friends for less cash.

Experts analyzed variations in digital media used among teenagers with smartphones and their colleagues with standard phones using data from more than three hundred teens. They discover that during weekdays teens using smartphones spent much more time with the internet compare their colleagues who are using standard phones. In typical two hours in comparison to one hour. Furthermore, teens with smartphones write more text messages daily, with an average of 85 messages inc comparison to 7 messages.

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The noticeable big difference was discovered for the time during when teens were in their beds at night.  Just 17% of smartphone users turned off their handset of put in silent mode during night compared to 47% teens with standard phone.

 Furthermore, teens using smartphones pointed out to be online, watch stream videos, texting with friends and usually during the night. And the most important the negative side of smartphones is teenagers who used digital media at night got a higher risk for inadequate rest and depressive symptoms.

And because of this, professionals advise that teens who endure from sleep disorder or extreme daytime exhaustion to switch change their habits in bedtime before it’s too late.

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