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Friday, April 3, 2015

Three ways your mobile phone can harm your health

It’s so nice to have a cell phone isn’t it? You can play and download games that you want, store and play your favorite music, you can call and send a message as well as email anytime anywhere in short it is helpful to us every day. Despite of these good qualities to have a smartphone did you know that your phone might actually harm your health? Read below and discover the three health problems your mobile phone might be causing.


Normally we take our smartphone everywhere we go from kitchen to public restrooms perhaps even in bed. Even though small amount of heat or coming from our phone, bacteria likes it. Viruses that trigger to health problems like diarrhea, flu, pink eye are all can be found on our mobile phones. When washing your hand, consider cleaning your phone, alcohol based cleanser is good enough to kill some bacteria make sure your phone screen is safe.

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Isn’t good to see blue lights? But the fact isn’t as cool. Even though blue light is actually part of the natural light array, exposure to it during night which is released a high amount by phones, laptops, tablets and other LED display screens may be harmful to your eyesight. According to a research of British Journal of Ophthalmology, a close exposure to a blue light may damage your retina. Link also been discovered between blue light and cataracts.

Computer Vision Syndrome is frequent side effect of mobile phone also complaints includes dizziness, blurry vision, headaches, eye soreness and muscle strain, this is because then we are looking to our phone screen we blink a half as often as we normally do.
Try to limit to use your phone at night, take a break every 20 minutes and make a normal blink, also adjust the font size to help reduce the symptoms

Neck Pain

It is normal to see folks walking round together with their mobile phone. Every time we use our phone we actually looking down, this puts a large amount of stress on our neck. A research, released in the Surgical Technology International discovered that looking down to mobile phone is comparable to putting a 60 pound weight on person’s neck.

Discomfort and aches in your shoulder and neck are just the beginning. Except when you can practice yourself to look straight into your screen, you are constantly stressing your spine.

The lesson is limiting the use of your phone, we know that it is addictive to texting, updating your social media and others, however consider the negative effect of your phone to your health.

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