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Friday, April 10, 2015

Reasons why you need to keep your smartphone alive

Whether you like it or not smartphone today is surely important. We have different reason 
about having smartphone and on the top of the list are can call and send a text message anytime and anywhere. For me, my personal reason why I have smartphone is because I can play my favorite music, imagine back then you’re walking with a big Radio on your shoulder banging your head like a rock star but now 2 small earphones is enough for me to hear all my selected music. 

Other good reason to have smartphone is the handy camera that built in the device, yes there is a Digital Camera or Digicam existing that size are handy as well however your smartphone camera are have a good quality megapixels than ready to take a shoot for your memorable moment, you can use the back camera or the front facing camera for selfie aficionados which digicams does not have. In some instance your smartphone has a much higher pixel than Digicams.

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Sending email made easy, you don’t need to open your laptop or personal computer or even go to internet café to send important email, using your smartphone you can read and reply to your important emails.
This is one of my favorite, play games with your smartphone. You don’t need to bring your PSP every day since its bulky to your pocket (just in case you don’t bring bags). You can store a lot of games into your smartphone, if you really game addict you can fill your external memory with lots of games by downloading it into a trusted app store some have payment but most of the games are free.

There you have it, I know there are lot reason we need to keep our smartphones alive, you can comment your reason below.

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