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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cellular country complaints, Really?

There are tons of complaints that you can read all over the internet, there are good
complaints and other worse, but did you know that some of complaints are fake? Upon doing a research many fake account registered to make some complaints, meaning there just going to ruin some businesses and in return they want payment to delete that particular comment or complaint, so nasty move why don’t people do go find a decent job not ruining people’s business. Some cases people complaint because they just want to do it nothing more, stupidity I guess, imagine why you need to make such a complain when you’re not deal business to them, ridiculous right? Cellular country complaints one example, gathered negative complaints while they do business seriously.

In other hand, they are still good people who give legit reviews, these folks are happy and satisfied to the merchant so that they are giving a 5 stars. To give it a ratio I guess 70:30, 70% are real consumer online who give legit reviews and 30% of them are obviously destroying some businesses online.

So every time you see a complaints, if doubt do a background check to the merchant and to the people who write review, and to you who did some false and write cellular country complaints, God Bless You. I know you’re good. cellular country is a very good company,  I together with my friends buy used phone and we received our handsets in time with good condition,  without any defects, so why you guys making some false reviews? Please stop doing that.
Thank you!

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