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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

LG Uplus gets the majority of complaints among service providers

LG is one of the well-known when it comes to smartphones they never stop developing
innovative smartphones that will satisfy our demands. However, consumers are not happy with LG Uplus.

This information was detailed in an online costumer report the Fair Trade Commission to assist shoppers to be well informed on several of products and providers.

Based to the statement, there were 335 scenarios of consumer complaints against mobile provider with the Korea Consumer Agency the LG Uplus had the largest percentage of consumer complaints. Every 1 million subscribers there are 7.1 cases of complaints, followed by the KT with 6.3 and SKTelecom with 4.2 of complaints.

One of the five issues concerned is that the mobile carriers are not gratifying the terms of the agreement, these types of delivering free mobile complaints due to a terrible call quality and irrational charges were also frequent. Report confirmed the expanding consumer complaints with regards to smartphones, there are some reports that the cellular country complaints is getting positive from their negative issues. More than 900 complaints on smartphones submitted in the agency which was up to 158% from the past years and 83% concerned smartphones.

Not only LG Uplus is in the hot seat, HTC customers were the unhappy, along with 216 complaints in every 1 million consumers. Followed by Motorola with 160 and Pantech with 68 complaints towards Samsung handsets with a total of 153, while those Apple have 31 percent.

Most of the complaints are dealing with the poor quality of calls, while the 17% is the malfunction of the button.

Almost every device have their own weaknesses and because of that complain will develop by the user experience. However smartphone producers doing their best to keep their flagship better and complain free.

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