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Friday, April 15, 2016

HTC 10 unveils – See what’s inside

A combo of high specs of internal parts, smart features and a genuinely top quality metallic
shell can produce HTC’s newest, indeed a challenge to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and assist the company to find where they belong.

Revealed at the event in New York, the HTC 10 surprise every box when it comes to screen resolution, processors and the capability of imaging that consumer expect from Android flagship.

Inside of HTC 10

There is a Snapdragon chip and support by 4GB RAM making almost everything happen, up to 64GB of internal storage plus a powerful microSD slot that can boost up to 2TB, a superb quad HD 5.2inchdisplay and 12 ultra-pixel main camera full with laser auto-focus. Also the automatically upscale compressed sound to 24bit high definition.

However, the technology has been packed that will help to make the handset stand out. The premium metal design has been formed and curved so that it actually follows the design of the typical person’s hand. 

Some of handset nowadays loads with bloatware and irritating added applications and features that cause complains from users, yet no cellular country complaints include. The new HTC 10 has scaled back pre-loaded programs to what it described as simply the best. If the user doesn’t want to see the apps he or she can drag and drop them.

The new HTC 10 will directly sale form the company via network carriers this coming May 2016.  The unlocked device, direct from the company will cost from 699 US Dollar.

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